Goodbye Sitecore, Hello Community

Over 15 years ago I spoke at the very first Sitecore conference at Trekroner, Copenhagen (yes, when and where the desktop background photo were taken) and today I did my very last session as a Sitecore employee at the SUGCON conference in Berlin.

After precisely four years as a Sitecore employee it is time to say goodbye.

During the last four years I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great teams and people. 

From Sitecore ANZ to Product Marketing

Initially as part of the ANZ sales team in Sydney under Rob Holliday and Kyle McManus where I helped bring in customers such as Toyota and QBE. I met some great friends, Sitecore partners and a thriving community during my time in Australia.

Subsequently I joined the Sitecore Product Marketing team under Mark Floisand, Sjur-Olaf Hanseid Bendiksen, Darren Guarnaccia, Scott Anderson and Terry Fortescue. I was also very fortunate to be working with the talented Mike Carter, successfully building and delivering 5 open source example and demo sites, codename Habitat, to our sellers and partners covering our entire product suite across CMS, personalisation, analytics, email marketing and commerce.

Helix, Habitat, SIF and Documentation.

During this period I also fostered the highly successful Helix initiative which I am proud to say is now a community standard and a unique value-proposition for Sitecore in the MarTech industry. If this initiative has just marginally helped raise the overall quality or maintainability of implementations I will leave Sitecore as a happy man.

In the last year I’ve worked under Ryan Donavan, Mike McQuade and Jeff Beaulieu in the Sitecore Product Management team leading technical documentation initiatives around GDPR, system architecture and data flows with the awesome Martina Welander. I also helped make Sitecore 9 installations easier by promoting and managing the Sitecore Installation Framework together with John Hand and Kieran Marron.

Is has been a fun and exciting ride and I look forward to following the Sitecore products from the sideline. I also look forward to returning to the best technical community in the world.

Exciting times ahead…



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